Monday, May 23, 2011

Trouble with Xtube

I'm having trouble embedding vids - they appear to embed but they don't PLAY... any knowledge on this?

Self sucking!

Have you guys seen this video of me? Pretty hot cumshot!!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Public Sex...

Have you ever popped your cock out on a train, a bus, plane, park bench or while in the woods, park or mountain top? It's a fucking amazing experience!

I remember jerking off outdoors a lot when I was a kid. Outdoors was one place I could escape to in the rural places where we lived that I could jerk off without anyone finding me - I know, isn't that ironic? - and soon discovered that not only coud I get away to ease my aching, leaking cock but I eventually thought to take off my clothes! What a high that was... sitting outside, in the warm sun, on a log, with just a few horses and cows to see.

My own body excited me; I didn't look like the guys that made me instantly hard while waiting in line at the grocery store with my mom behind slightly older athletic kids, but it was all that I had. Looking down at my own body I couldn't believe the changes my body went through, and while the fur on my legs, tumy and ass embarrassed me, the fur also turned me on. A lot.

I still get that way... everytime I go outside, that part of me is back, and it seems to be just as strong and arousing as ever.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My first post. Hello, new blog! Welcome readers!

Jerking my own cock outdoors CLICK HERE!!!

This is filmed by me for me in one of my secret jerkoff locations!

What do you think, should I do more?

There is something magical about jerking off outside... the feel of the cool breeze on your balls is amazing.